Sunday, 11 May 2008

Lesser Horseshoe Counts 2008

The first count period is May 27 to June 6. Second period is June 7 to 17th.

Site allocation is pretty much as in previous years. Any extra volunteers, or corrections to list, please let me know.

Stackpole Flats and Park House: Bob, Annie, Robin, David, Carl

Orielton: David, Robin

Trefloyne: Bob & Annie

Beech Cottage: CCW? or just auto bat counter?

Colby woodshed: Jane, Trevor & co

Little Craig-y-Borion: Bob, Annie, Dave Welton

Cresselly House: Jane & Annie

Upton: Bob, Tim, Annie

Williamston Nursing Home: Andrea & Jane

Little Milford: Jane

Boulston: Annie, Bob, Jane. Need to re-establish where the bats are as they have been excluded.

Blackpool Mill: bats seem to have been excluded, check

Llwyngoras: Margaret, Rupert, Janet?

South Dairy: new site needs checking, but not necessarily within count period.

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